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There’s only so much time in the day and sometimes things have to take a back seat. Unfortunately, it’s been my blog!

I have been working onย Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Security Initiative into the corporate sector due to the unprecedented number of cyber security attacks, which has been very time consuming since it is a new venture, but interesting, and completely unrelated to aesthetics.

Spending so much time on the technical, I’m so happy to spend some time on creative matters! So, on to my post…

When I was expecting my 2nd child, I knew there was a long road ahead in terms of fixing up her room. I started when I was first expecting and was still at it when I was 8 1/2 months. If only I had taken a before picture!

It was a major overhaul. We added crown molding, panel molding, door surrounds, two built in bookcases and ceiling medallions, I painted chandeliers and made and trimmed chandelier shades, I designed and made a rug, a play table, and (my favorite) three window valances WHEW!!!!

Even though this is a little girl’s room, all the projects I did can be done in other rooms.

I sketched out the design on plywood and made these fabric-covered valances for all the windows. This treatment can be used in any room and with any shape you want.

I added trim to further accentuate the outline of the valances.

We added both bookcases shown above, which also looks nice on either side of a fireplace.

Every time I go to take pictures of this room, I’ve missed the best lighting. I’m not a great photographer as it is and my pictures are always my weak point, so it takes me a while to get ones I think are even close to being good enough to post. I hope to show more soon and then talk about how we did these projects…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!


P.S. Since these are my personal pictures, please ask first for permission if you would like to use them. Thank you!