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Following up on my previous post, A Peek into My Daughter’s Room, I finally took pictures of one of my little girl’s rooms that were semi-decent. Taking pictures is a skill that I lack!

As I mentioned, this room was a complete overhaul. We even had to do drywall work where the bed is placed because our crappy builder put a duct going right up the middle of the wall! This of course was NOT on our architectural plans.

It took me so long to figure out how to address that awful eyesore, but I finally did. I chose to drywall a larger section to make a wall large enough to accommodate a bed and then build bookcases on either side.

The rug/carpeting I made. I had seen carpet tiles, but they were surprisingly very expensive and the colors were limited. For all this carpeting, which covers the sitting room and bedroom, I think I paid about $700.

The girls love the checkerboard pattern and frequently make up hopping games. I think it gives a playful touch for a child’s room. If you all are interested, I will do a post showing how I did it.

Here’s a view into the sitting room portion of her room. To protect the cream colored furniture from children (and our dogs), I draped a colorful quilt on the loveseat and blankets on the upholstered rocking chair and ottoman.

The bedroom set, which was my grandmother’s, I found tucked away and forgotten in my parents’ attic.

In my previous post, someone had asked for directions, so I will do a post showing how to make the valances/cornice boards/pelmets. I had never made them before and didn’t have any directions, but they were surprisingly easy and forgiving of mistakes!

The shelf, the small doll’s table and chairs and sofa tables were family pieces as well.

What little girl’s room is complete without a kitchen set?

The chandeliers were originally a different color, but I liked the details, so I bought them and painted them after coating them with a good spray primer.

Because I couldn’t find any chandelier shades that I liked or had the right shade of pink and/or green, I resorted to making the shades. This ensured I had the right shade of pink and trim that was unique.

Because I just adore architectural details, I definitely wanted to add crown molding! With 10 foot ceilings, I selected a large face molding and because it was for a girl’s room, I opted for a feminine design.

I also wanted to address the walls with simple panel molding, but in a design a little more complex than a plain box.

Knowing the sitting room needed a large piece of art, I painted this picture with a lot of input from my little girl of what she wanted.

This room was originally supposed to be for my youngest, but when my older child saw it, she wanted it even though her room was larger and, since she was going to have to face the ordeal of going from an only child to a child sharing our time and attention, I let her have it. She still thinks it’s the better room!

I hope you like the room! I must admit, I really, really loved designing this room. Everything I could possibly conjure up from my inner girl was added! Have a great Friday!