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Because of HGTV and the DIY Channel, I am a little nervous to hang wallpaper. It’s difficult to put up well and time consuming to take down. Bottom line: it’s a commitment. But it’s soooo pretty!

Pretty, right?

Wallpaper is also very expensive – fabric more so, and not as forgiving. My mother hung fabric on the walls in our house growing up, but didn’t have a problem (that I know of) even with putting it in my brother’s room when he was a child.

But ….we live on a river with many acres, so fabric on the walls is just too much of a luxury for this country mouse in a house full of dogs and children 🙂

Enter a product that has been used in Romania for over a hundred years as an alternative to wallpaper: a patterned roller. Available on Etsy and online, it can be used on fabrics, walls and paper (wrapping paper!), giving a nice variation of applications.

All of the pictures here used this product.

Paint a colored background, use a different color for the roller and it looks very rich, like the first picture. Use a light background with a light paint for the roller and it looks more casual.

And, of course, I don’t need to tell you that there are just stunning stencils online! Just something for you to think about 🙂

I hope you have a weekend!! Parent-teacher conferences for me tomorrow!!