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Ragmag described Kris Kuksi’s art  as “mind-blowing, macabre, and beautifully grotesque art…[that] will taunt you by the sheer complexity of detail, leaving you even more baffled as you stare for hours at all the figurines that were smacked into coexistence.” An American artist, who grew up in Kansas, Kuksi’s  “Fantastic Realism” genre is intriguing, Baroque in influence, steampunk, hedonistic … and fascinating.


How’s that for a door header??



So sweet..until you look closely.


Although many pieces at first blush seem innocent enough, a closer look reveals the dark underbelly of death and destruction.

His art has been exhibited worldwide, been sold at Sotheby’s and is owned by a wide audience, including Robin Williams, Fred Durst, Nike CEO Mark Parker and Director Chris Weitz (Twilight: New Moon, The Golden Compass).

Amazing, right?