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Call me nosy, but I love to see how celebrities live. The fashion is great, but I want to know how they live and what’s their style. They obviously have their choice of designers. What designer wouldn’t do it pro bono just for the PR.

Let’s peek in on their style….and be prepared to be surprised (or at least I was)!

How appropriate to my previous post! This is (was?) the living room of Jennifer Lopez when she was married to Mark Anthony. I’m not going to research who got the house, because it doesn’t affect my admiration of it! A pale whisper of a blue on the walls and understated elegance!

Another blue?? You see how I came to this post! This is Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s living room.With the ceiling painted the same color as the walls and the color brought down to the floor, it darkens the room drastically. Per my previous post, if you are going to take the furniture color to the calls and drapes, go for lighter on the floors and ceilings, unless you like the dark effect. 

Sex in the City author, Candace Bushnell‘s Manhattan living room, complete with a Louis XVI sofa and painting by Caio Fonseca.True to form, there is a mini-fridge tucked into a cabinet in the corner stocked with champagne. Now why didn’t I think of that before 😉 

The actress portraying the lead character in Candace’s book, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s living room in Bridgehampton, NY. Even celebrity’s know to buy smart; the Lack Parsons-style tables are by Ikea and were lacquered a glossy white!

Just like her brother, Donatella Versace‘s style is heavily ornate! Bug surprise, the sofas are from the Versace Home Collection.

Not at all what I was expecting!! Contrary to what I would imagine his living room to look like, Ralph Lauren opts for a modern approach.

Jonathan Adler’s Palm Beach Florida condo. He designed many of the pieces, like the brown, lacquered sided tables, the sofa, the kiwi green geometrical rug (love) and the throw pillows.

Exemplifying Malibu, California’s laid back style, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber‘s living rooms has the dichotomy of teak sofas upholstered in silk!

Rob Morrow’s apartment in NYC.

East Hamptons living room of Aerin Lauder, granddaughter to to the founder of Estée Lauder cosmetics, uses a pale lavender backdrop for the walls to showcase her Estée’s blue and white Chinese porcelain. The blue and white are repeated in the furniture and give credence to this being a summer beach house.

John Mayer’s NYC pad. I’m not a fan of the artwork and, maybe because there are too many angles, but this to me looks like an office reception area. Thoughts?

Ahh…Washington, DC. It has the perception of being a conservative town…and deservedly so. Most homes of significance go for understated, refined elegance. And like their homes, the fashion tends to follow suit. Few take fashion risks at events and if you do, you better have the confidence to be stared at!This is the living of George Stephanopoulos and actress Alexandra Wentworth. Everything is well thought out and meticulously placed.The pink ottoman? I’m sure a contrived effort to be edgy, but the color shouldn’t just be an isolated occurance, sticking out like a sore thumb! It looks like a mistake. Instead, they should at least have a pillow or two with the color.


Very bohemian and arty, which is appropriate, given that this is the living room of Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, who resides in Los Angeles with his wife Kristen.The pièce de résistance is the back wall, which displays his extensive pop art collection that contains pieces by James Rosenquist and Jasper Johns. 

More coming soon! My girls are on spring break, so my days are spent with them and only have the nighttime to feed my design addiction 🙂