It seems that the comment section disappeared from my post. Now, I’m not going to point any fingers or anything, BUT…I did leave my most recent post open on my iPad and I do have a munchkin who loves to “work” on the aforementioned. Being out of town this past week, I wasn’t paying too close of attention to it. Not giving any plugs, but important “work” is carried out here, such as Monster Pet, Touch Cats, Pig Rush, and (Mommy-approved) abcMouse. And here I was, just thinking that birdhouses (or maybe just my ideas on them) weren’t that popular! I think I have it fixed (as best as I can tell from my iPhone screen…)

A Detailed House

Since my children were gunning for a project and I wanted to finally start on my upstairs hallway project, I went to the craft store to buy large canvas boards. Unfortunately, they don’t carry any large enough (GRRRR!!!!). So….I’m either going to have go to another craft store -or- make my own. But I’ll figure that out later. Although my children were disappointed, they handled it well (i.e. no whining about it), so I suggested we see if there was anything else the store had that may be of interest for a project. They were beyond thrilled when we found these unusual, unpainted birdhouses:

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