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I have been pondering so much lately – the outside of my house because of the nice weather, but also a few rooms in my house, which led me to look for some inspiration. Spring always brings on new projects for me – I just get the itch!!

I think dark and light rooms are very smart looking when done right. I also like them infused with a “pop” of another color to prevent them from looking to sterile or serious. Here are some pictures that I have found interesting for one reason or another (but some could use a 3rd color) :

My floors have gotten a little worn, which I like because it gives credence to the house being old, but I do like dark and glossy!

Love the black wall! I’m not sure if I’m bold enough to do this though…

I always like chairs that have multiple fabrics; they are just more interesting.

Believe it or not, this is a project that you can do yourself and here’s why: you staple gun the fabric, but then you hot glue trim over it. Note the seat where this is done.

I really like this room because the rug is such a statement, although I’m not sure if I would have used the fabric on the chairs. I also like the gold throughout.

Very pretty and crisp bedding. Here I think the gold on the bench sticks out a little too much and fights with the mirror and lamp.

An unusual way to display artwork in this (slightly masculine) modern office.

Chairs literally split in half with upholstery!

This dining room has a coastal feel despite an empire chandelier and traditional furniture. I love, love, love the clam shell, although I hope it is fake because I don’t like the idea of sea creatures being booted out of their homes for the sake of design 😦

Love the rug, valances, bolster pillow, lamps and mirrors behind them. I might need to open my mind, but I am not fond of mixing metals, although I have seen it in a couple of pictures. The brass lamp and picture frame seem contrary to the lamps and the nail head trim on the nightside tables.

Again, using mirrors behind lighting – this time chandeliers that are used instead of nightside lamps.

With so much white here, it’s nice to see the rug have so much texture and such bold artwork. Artwork is something that I still need, so I may try to emulate the large one!

Just love the molding here!

Love the zebra rug! I found an amazing 9’10” x 13′ black and white rug for $320, which I’ll post on my sidebar! I’m thinking of using it for my office πŸ™‚

Gold + Black + White = LOVE!

Another interesting rug…

Such an interesting ceiling treatment. Although such a pain to paint the ceiling, and so many leave it unfinished, it should be addressed with paint at a minimum and even molding.

My living room ceiling is calling my name, but my arms do NOT want to do it πŸ˜‰ To those who go to the gym: forget the gym; work out out home and see RESULTS in your home and your body!! At least that’s how I justify it.

Putting up chair rails is super easy and paint a different color below for maximum impact.

Although I usually abhor white walls, here is one that looks really good with the addition of smart black frames picking up the black pieces in the room.

This cabinetry is my inspiration for my closet, although I’m not sure if I will go with the black. I love the pilasters and molding! When I finally address my closet, you can bet I blog about it because you know I will do it myself!

And a mirror again behind a lamp! I think I will need to do this in at least one room in our house.

With the nice weather, I hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy it!