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After we did our kitchen door pilasters, which were actually more difficult and our first time attempting door surrounds, we felt we had the hang of it. So you can imagine what crossed my mind. Yep, let’s rip them all down! Great idea, right? It was…until children came along and threw a wrench in my grandiose plans of custom molding everywhere! I think my husband thought the children would be less work, but they suck up more energy than all my projects combined πŸ˜‰

We have gradually managed to address a few, one being the dining room pilasters:

I should have included more of the fireplace, but you can see a slight glimpse of why I chose the ovals, ionic caps and fluted pilasters.

And I did snap this pic to show how I tried to make the architecture cohesive by picking up the egg and dart molding and urn design from the mantle that I had selected years and years ago.

I will follow up with instructions on how we made these door surrounds, pilasters and headers for those that are interested. I hope you like what we did πŸ™‚