For Products, Designers, Artists, DIYers and Craftsmen

I am happy to look at, and possibly post pictures and review, your work or products, providing it is up to par. Please be willing to answer a few questions that I may pose and/or provide a written summary of some helpful and insightful tips or instructions to my readers as a quid pro quo.

I have turned away a designer featured in a 2012 Elle Decor, who contacted me, but did not provide any answers or help to my readers. This is not a platform for free advertising!

You may contact me at or use the “Contact Me” form. Please provide a web address for me to preview your product and/or work.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Submissions”

  1. Hi Kearney, your blog is very nicely done, so if you ever want me to address a specific topic that seems to be of interest to your readers, I’d be happy to provide you with a specific blog about that topic.

    Any such topic just has to be either informative, educational or inspirational and has to pertain to decorating, but could also pertain to home staging for example.

    Best regards, Iris

  2. Really nice stuff, makes me want to do something, SOMETHING, to my living space, solid art, love it.

  3. I could write a post about our back patio. We put a five foot by five foot scrabble board in it as part of our living area and we used a lovely concrete acid stain as an alternative to tile. I can share photos first if you are interested. I don’t like to write about “my” house on my blog but I would like to share the scrabble board online in some forum.

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