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I think I have a DIY ADD (Do-It-Yourself Attention & Daylight Deficient). There are only so many hours in the week month that I can work on house projects, but my mind is running constantly – and there are SO many projects and rooms that I want to do … with the list growing 😉 (Plus, I’m not one to pull the trigger unless I’ve thoroughly researched the possibilities.)

You may remember the stained harlequin floor from the post I did profiling a designer’s apartment… I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. (The interior shutters from that post went on “THE List” too, but I haven’t been able to shop fabrics.) I thought the stained diamond pattern on the hardwood floors would look wonderful in my kitchen or foyer.

Heck, while I’m researching, why not see if there are other stain patterns for wood floors that would be nice too because the first and second floors of our house (minus the orangerie) are hardwood. What was out there was a mixed bag of nuts:

A horizontally laid hardwood floor stained in an ornate pattern.

Do try and avoid going “stencil crazy”, i.e. if you’re stenciling the floor, maybe you should skip the walls!

Such a beautifully laid floor! Although the center (along with a some other floors) may be inlaid wood, it can also be stained in that manner.

Tile work, but a hardwood floor could be stained in this pattern.

Three dimensional looking.

I’m not painting my floors, but it is an option if you’re looking for a change. You can also use a colored stain.

Looks like a rug.

The medallions above and below are inlaid, but could be emulated with a stencil, although some of these backgrounds into which they are laid would be very difficult – if not impossible – to be replicated convincingly.

I really like borders. In the first one, you can see how multiple colors were used, which I adored!!!!

Measure very, very carefully as you don’t want the last row to compensate for any inaccuracies.

Although on the wall, a rug was the inspiration, which can be the case with your floors.

A border, which is actually stained onto concrete!

Since I started this post a few days ago, I pulled out one of my old books to see if I could catch a glimmer of some patterns there. I got halfway though when I started noticing how pretty some of the walls were. Hmmm… panel molding. I always have many ideas just simmering in my mind, what’s one more 🙂

If you are on the east coast, please stay safe!