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Ornaments can be crazy expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a skimpy tree or a tree full of balls; it just means you need to have your eyes open. The Dollar Tree has adorable 8″ nutcrackers for $1 that I have made into ornaments that look gorgeous on my nine foot tree.

And if the stigma of something from a Dollar Store gives you pause, bear in mind, I have ornaments on my tree that are extremely pricey and these blend in seamlessly, and I am very picky!!

If you know me, you KNOW this is a faux fur throw!!

A box of them that I had from last year

Of course they aren’t meant to hang, so I made a few changes:

1. Glued gold ribbon to the top.

  • Some had little “balls” on the top, so I glued the ribbon to either side.
  • Some did not, so I glued it directly to the top then put a little jewel on top of that to disguise the seam.

2. Tied a beautiful ribbon on top of that to really take it up a notch. I like doing double bows, but that’s just a preference πŸ™‚

Some other things to use them for:

  • Gift wrapping: I love to tie one into the ribbon of a present during the holidays. Great for adults and children…
  • Place card holders
  • Wreath flourishes
  • Mantels
  • Make a set to give as a Christmas present

Although I’m sure you have enough to do, if you are out and about, pop into a Dollar Tree and pick some up πŸ™‚ I hope you like my tip and find it useful during the holiday season!