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Want a crazy-cool piece of art for your office? If you have old, broken computers lying around, you may want to convert them to art as Leonardo Ulian did. You do not need some great artistic ability with a paintbrush, merely an eye  for where to glue pieces on a canvas.

It’s so simple that it’s genius.

Place cans on a canvas to help with large circles and wrap thin gauge wire around the bottom.

The piece is all about symmetry, and if you’re worried that you can’t accomplish this, try this:

  • Take a large sheet of paper
  • Fold it in half
  • Punch holes in the areas where different pieces need to go
  • Unfold and place on canvas
  • With a pencil, place dots
  • Depending on the complexity of the design, repeat the process with another sheet of paper
  • You can even use different colored pencils for different pieces

You don’t even need to be technically literate about this parts.

Start one piece at a time…

making a geometric shape and filling the interior with different designs. Then build out from there…

connecting the pieces together.

It’s very geometric, but it might also look good just a random mess!

Love, love love this idea! It would even make a great gift 🙂 And, if you work in the tech world, what a statement piece!