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A commenter or two said that their kitchens are small and that the dream kitchens didn’t do anything for them.

While it was not my intent for us to take these literally and for us all to go out and emulate the dream kitchens (they were meant to inspire in terms of style, accessories, architectural elements, colors, etc.), I did take note of their message.

So, I started searching for smaller kitchens that would still meet our level of style, but also limitations in terms of space. Needless to say, there were not as many. Some of the “dream” kitchens I had pulled from cabinet manufacturers websites, where they had large showrooms with mock kitchens that literally had everything and the kitchen sink!

House Beautiful had an article about small kitchens, but some of the kitchens that they considered “small”, really were not small! But I did find some that were gorgeous with some ideas that are unique.

Some ideas to maximize space? Use an electric cooktop to serve as additional counter space. With such a small space, try to use special touches, like drawer pulls.

Note on the lower left how a bathroom hand towel holder was used! Unexpected and rich looking with the brass finish! I love it!

Hard to notice, but this tee-tiny kitchen has mirrored cabinet doors to bounce light and give the illusion of space. Even the door panels are mirrored.

A mirrored back splash to give the illusion of more space as does the glass front cabinets with glass shelves. I can’t imagine the amount of Windex needed though to keep it clean 😉
With open shelving, I think it’s pretty important – no, scratch that – imperative to have your glassware and dishware cohesive. This is not the place to store mismatched mugs, etc. I have always bought white dishes for this very reason. If you open up any cabinet of mine, it looks good! Macy’s has awesome sales on dinnerware too.

Using monochromatic colors are very important.

Even in awkward spaces, using the same color really helps. Probably more so in a smaller kitchen, details are important.

Here’s one with color…

and another..

A TINY space but filled with details!

My brother lives in NYC and one idea that is used frequently there to save space is to buy smaller appliances:

Here’s a 24″ Viking range! Most appliances, even fridges come in smaller sizes, though they may have to be special ordered. The bonus? A smaller price tag!

Open shelves on the top is highly recommended by designers. This is where it would be a good idea to buy all white or cream (or some pop of color) dishes pronto!

My favorites here?

  • If possible, use higher end finishes
  • Mirrored cabinets (instead of glass) to bounce light
  • If you opt for glass doors, have glass shelves and cabinet lighting
  • Keep the cabinetry simple and monochromatic

I try to look at all the pictures, whether big kitchens or small, and see if there are details that are interesting or unique that I can pull from. I am working on a few posts that I think will be interesting: some very easy DIYs (one that I came up with that I haven’t seen before!) and making over the kitchen on every budget.

I hope these helped in some way and everyone else is adjusting to daylight savings time better than I am!!