Boy, there is nothing like pulling pictures at 3am, thinking you are on a roll, only to wake up and look at them again and realize you have a whole lot of nothing!! This happened to me two nights ago. Sigh! I am putting together my next post, which I am excited about, although one thing is on my mind: design styles.

I am always cognizant of needing to address all design styles, but I do realize I have a natural slant and design style. It has morphed over the years and I am constantly seeing things that open my eyes, so I am still morphing!

My point to this ramble is I want to make sure I am introducing the right ratio of design styles in the inspiration pictures and what better way to find out then doing a poll! This does not constitute a promise to give an accurate percentage of pictures to the styles – I mean, a bias is a bias!! – but I will represent the styles accordingly! Feel free to comment, especially if you fall into the “mix” category!

I look forward to your perspective!