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With the reader who requested pictures on black and white bathrooms happy and armed with enough inspiration, I wanted to show a few with color, covering many different styles. This was where the “style poll” and comments were helpful, however, some styles I did not come across or just do not come across intrinsically, but I will keep my eye out for them…

This bath is located in Washington, DC and the salvaged architectural elements at the end of the tubs came from an embassy here. There is a road here in DC (Massachusetts Avenue) that most locals call “Embassy Row” and it is where the majority of Embassies reside and some of them are just beautiful.

Marble subway tiles going vertical! Look at materials in new ways and play around with them. The use of mirrors is used to give an infinity effect and make a space seem larger and bounce light. Most of these baths have plants – and what better place to have a plant! It softens the hard surfaces, you won’t forget to water them and they are lovely!

For those who like a neutral, soothing palate and are drawn to the transitional style. I love the artwork (note groups of 3 are usually more interesting) and chandelier.If you tire of a neutral palate, pops of color can easily be infused here by changing out the artwork, towels, accessories, bath mats etc. 

A fresh, youthful and colorful bath. Everything from the mirror, to the stripes to the trashcan seems like springtime in a bottle!

A mirror, buffet lamps and an Γ©tagΓ¨re, a scenario you would expect to see in a foyer, illustrating how you should treat the bath like any other room in your house.I also found the mirror panels on the tub interesting, maybe because I frequently ask my husband, “Which shoes look better, these or these?” and I’m not sure he’s just not doing “eeny meeny miny moe” in his head! 

Very sharp looking. Sconces installed on the mirrors and note another mirror forming an “L”. The open design of the sink cabinets and stain color is very rich looking….

Here is a bath with a worldly mix of items, giving an eclectic feel. Note the rug! Each item is interesting in its own way, although I would take a few things off the tub. Sometimes when there are so many items to look at, the eye doesn’t stop and admire it.

A “feature” wall using tile instead of paint. A Unique mirror, cabinet and (my favorite) marble top. When space is limited, it is better to install the the paper roll on a cabinet versus a free standing one or use up valuable wall space.

Simple and soothing.

The sink cabinet, walls and tub surround are all a faux marble finished in this luxury London flat featured in Architectural Digest. The real marble cutwork on the tub is just divine. Without attention to details, a house, a room, a garden or a space is just mundane.

What lovely sconces! The color is appealing too simply because it’s one not seen often. Again, the use of furniture and I like the faucet for the tub.
The negatives? The mirror seems too small and I would make some adjustments to the window treatment. It reads ivory (whether it is or not) in a room with every other thing being white or melon and, with a small bathroom, you need to create as much space as possible, so I would either take the curtain rod up 8-12″ and get curtains to the floor or have a cute valance and shade.

The wall mosaic is made from broken mirrors!

This just shows you can find your light fixtures anywhere! These are outdoor fixtures and I love the application!

This is one of a few examples I’m going to show of my bathroom tip from my previous post. Instead of buying a pre-made “sink in a piece of furniture”, make your own unique one. It will be a statement piece.

Here is a small, romantic bathroom, with the sink skirted, probably to hide the plumbing, but has the added benefit of allowing for more store underneath in this small bathroom. When space is tight, you need to look anywhere you can.Also, instead of dismissing the accent tile, they embraced it fully and ran with it as the color scheme. Sometimes you buy or rent a house or apartment that has a color you may not like, but instead of clashing with it, sometimes it just better to roll with it.With such a tight space it doesn’t make sense to crowd it with furniture, so I have no idea why they would have a bench in their bath, but maybe they have a reason?!? 

An infinity edged sink. I love the faucet coming out of the mirror and the tile wall!

When using natural materials, always, always be aware of the veining when installing. There is a natural “fun” or line to it. Before installing, it helps to lay the tiles out first so you know how they will look best and rotate them in 45 degree increments as necessary.

I love artwork and furniture in a bath!

I’m working on a few posts that have been requested by readers. The next one up is from a reader who showed me a picture of her space with which she needed help. She has teal colored sofas and little else, so she requested some inspiration. In that vein, I am going to be showing some pictures of rooms with colorful furniture.

It’s been so nice here, that I spent the majority of the weekend trying (emphasis on trying) to get our gardens weed-free and beautiful and boy, am I paying for it! I hope you all are able to move better than I! I need to stop gawking at books on gardens and flowers!! It’s self-inflicted torture! Oh, and of course I’ve been collecting pictures on gardens and outdoor spaces that I find to die for! At some point, if I gather enough pictures, I hope to do a post.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and that where ever you are the weather is glorious as well πŸ˜€