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Happy Easter Everyone!! For obvious reasons, I’m keeping this brief, but wanted to give you some pastel eye candy of your own!

Following up on the last post, Celebrity Living Rooms, I wanted to show the rest of Jennifer Lopez’s home and the work of interior designer Michelle Workman.

The home is layered with pastel rooms in shades of blue, pink and peach with lots of texture, reflective surfaces (have I mentioned before how I LOVE those?), velvet, silks, leather, dark wood, and furniture with clean lines, giving the Art Deco style a distinct “old Hollywood” look.

So, sit back, sip your coffee and nibble on a chocolate bunny (or three – no judgement here!) and enjoy the pictures:



Her bedroom from a different angle. This home was built in the 1940’s, which explains the wood burning fireplace, because today building ordinances would not permit one in a bedroom as it can be dangerous (smoke inhalation/fires). A gas fireplace can be used with a sealed glass front.

Her dressing room in which the designer used one of her dresses.

Just lovely and romantic! My mind is pinging with ideas! Now let’s hope all the sugar the Easter Bunny brought does not make my children ping off the walls :-/

I hope everyone enjoyed the peek and the pictures. Have a fabulous day!