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Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what you have until it is taken away from you.

Growing up right outside of Washington DC, I went to the museums, monuments and the Kennedy Center. And then there’s the White House. I’ve been inside many times times, but the holidays were absolutely THE best time to visit. During December, it was like a fantasy with garlands, trees and gigantic gingerbread houses.

The second best time to go was in April for the White House Easter Egg Roll. I wanted my children to have the same experience that I did and to take them Egg Roll this year, but now, thanks in part to the Salahis crashing the White House, you have to submit applications through your Congressman and jump through other hurdles. You can’t enter the White House with a purse (you will be turned away) and can’t park anywhere near it. Times have changed.

The Egg Roll kicked off the idea in my head of a “virtual tour” because the architectural details, which I love studying most of all, and the design are something that you just don’t get to see every day.

Cross Hall, which looks downright regal.

Look at that stair runner with the graceful curve.

President Obama looks at a mirror in the Green Room, which has walls covered with a moire velvet.

Another view of the Green Room.

The Red Room

Another view of the Red Room.

The Oval Office, although the drapes were recently updated and are now red.

The view from behind the President’s desk in the Oval Office.

The flooring of the Oval Office.

How the State Dining Room is normally furnished.

However, given the event, they do change the seating arrangements.

First Lady Michelle Obama hosts Jordan’s Queen Rania in the Yellow Oval room of the White House residence.

The Blue Room

A different angle of the Green Room.

The East Room

The Library

Entrance Hall where visitors arrive.

The China Room was Mrs. Woodrow Wilson’s idea

The Vermeil Room (sometimes referred to as the Gold Room). FYI – vermeil is silver dipped in gold.

Old Family Dining Room. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a Passover Seder Dinner for family, staff and friends on April 6, 2012.

Granted, the rooms may be formal and some may need some updating, but as always, it doesn’t hurt to look and see if there’s anything we can “lift” on a smaller scale to our houses.

Or just admire it for what it is…I hope you enjoyed the pictures!