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While researching bathrooms for a project, I came upon pictures that were too exquisite not to share! Some of these luxurious bathrooms have unusual sinks, fixtures, mirrors and/or faucets, providing a statement piece – a good idea for any room – that goes beyond the typical and gives that “custom” look. Any homeowner can tweak certain features, even if you aren’t doing a bathroom overhaul or renovation.

I just love the drama of this deep, moody, masculine grey paired with the feminine Venetian mirror and gleam of the metals.

What makes this last bathroom so special, but SO bittersweet, is that I came upon it accidentally, and if you have read my “About Me” section, this bath is from the historic house that I came so, so close to buying, but was too far away from the city. I recognized the windows, then I saw the designer’s name, Barry Dixon, who ended up purchasing the home with his partner.

Bathrooms, like kitchens, can really set a house apart and although these are examples of high end bathrooms, sometimes just swapping out the mirror for a framed one makes a big difference.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and have a great day!