Surprisingly, I was bestowed the Kreativ Blogger Award and I am unbelievably grateful and honored. I had hoped that a few would respond to my blog and find my home, architectural details, interior design inspirations and DIY projects interesting, so I am humbled by the comments and followers.

To whom do I owe the honor? A wonderful blog called Children’s Health Naturally that is a forum for parents to talk about their adventures in parenting, as well as a source for tidbits, recipes, remedies and hot topics. Thank you so very much for thinking of me for this award!

As a recipient of this award, I am to do 3 things:

  1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award and provide a link.
  2. List 7 interesting things about myself that my readers might find interesting
  3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

I found #2 and #3 especially difficult: #2 because in the blogs that I follow, there are more than 7 that are interesting, creative, and worthy from which to choose and #3 because I don’t find myself particularly interesting! So, this was the best I could do…

7 Interesting (?) Things About Me…

1 – My two Jack Russells were the flower girls in my wedding. No joke. I had flower garlands around their necks, they were listed in our wedding program and walked down the aisle.

2 – I helped a fox on our property overcome a severe bout of mange that left him hairless, weak and unrecognizable. My vet gave me medicine for him and I ended up feeding him and his family 2 times a day. Despite being so weak, he took the food that I had the medicine in back to his den to feed his family! I finally figured out why he wasn’t getting any better, but was in awe of/smitten with him.

After many, many months of feeding this sweet, little fox that I named Scraggly, he would eventually come when I (and only I) would call him. He could be nowhere to be seen and I could call and either he would appear out of the bushes or come running. Most days he would be found sitting or sleeping by our front door. His hair grew back in slowly and his strength returned.

Foxes are territorial and eventually got ousted by his young that, despite seeing me all the time, never warmed up to me the way my Scraggly did. I miss him to this day and when I see a fox, I call out his name, hoping that it is my sweet Scraggly.

I fed Scraggly twice a day with mange medicine in his food.

This is Scraggly with all his hair growing back. He was completely hairless when I first spotted him on our property. This was months later, when he finally trusted me enough to get close to him.

I sat in front of Scraggly to take this picture! Needless to say, I was in love!

Scraggly’s bushy tail grew in! I have this pictured framed and on display in my house.

3 – I was on the riding team in college.

4 – While living in Fiji, a goat was brought to the school compound, where I lived. I named it Zeus and fed it everyday, not understanding why it was brought to the village. Once I was told that the goat was for a feast in my honor, I burst into tears and begged for the goat’s life to the amusement and laughter of everyone else. I got my way, Zeus was never killed and there was no goat in the palau. 🙂 

5 – My husband thinks I may be a little too obsessed with animals. See all of the above.  😉 And trust me, I had to will myself to stop at 4!

6 – I am extremely competitive and can’t stand to lose…at anything, no matter how insignificant!

 7 – My mother would be shocked to learn that I have a blog on design, because she doesn’t think I have a good eye. She even rearranged pictures and sofas while we were on vacation! Although she’s impressed that we’ve tackled home projects, she’s quick to point out the faults.

My Nominees…

If I follow your blog and you don’t see it mentioned below, don’t despair as I was graced with another award, but couldn’t think of more interesting things about me!! The seven that I have chosen are:

Everyday In Stilettos I love this blog because despite a closet full of clothes, I have no idea how to dress. Seriously. Her love of fashion, food, family (her sister has adorable children) and her home is contagious. She’s also a newlywed, which takes me back to the carefree, pre-children times!

Momma’s Money Matters  A prolific blogger  – she just completed her 350th post! – and mother of 10, Red tackles every subject imaginable from saving money, nutrition, recipes, networking, books, to blogging advice . This blog has it all – and if your a blogger, her advice is invaluable.

Pure Complex A blog encompassing art, architecture, cuisine, theater, design…you name it! She has a recipe for “watermelonade”, a non-alcoholic juice drink, that would be a delicious, different and healthy treat for children … and delightful with a splash of vodka for adults and/or a signature drink at a cocktail party 😉

The Modern Home Economist  A girl who is aspiring to do it all: house, crafts, a career, cooking, blogging, baking and then aspires to learn more.

Style by Lady G Like fashion? High end fashion? Then this is the blog for you. Lady G shows and reports on designers with pictures from their runway shows that are just divine!

Excavation I got sucked into this blog 2 weeks ago from a post that where the author was getting genetic testing done for breast cancer as her mother died from terminal breast cancer at the age of 46. Despite that serious topic, the author has a sense of humor/competitiveness that is right up my alley and has a scoreboard posted on her blog.

Cloches and Lavender First off, I’m in love with her header picture of a field of lavender. Her blog has some innovative solutions, like where she plastered over her kitchen back splash and then using plaster, stenciled a design for dimension.

Words don’t do my feelings justice, but I am sincerely appreciative of this award, the support, the comments and readers. Thank you so very much!