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In the comments section of my post, Sophisticated Rooms in Black and White, I had a request (from a blog I follow) if I had any black and white bathrooms. Well, of COURSE I’m going to oblige!

She is going to renovate a bathroom of a new home she is buying (yeah!), but  not knowing her taste, I wanted to make sure I gave her enough pictures to work with (all had appealing features). I lean towards traditional with a dash of modern thrown in for interest. And that’s great – for me! But this isn’t my bathroom! So you will see a progression because I have so many pictures. I’m going to try to cover many styles to make sure she has what she needs to be inspired. Warning: some of these bathrooms are not ones that are practical and have shortcomings, but have features and elements that still can be utilized

But, what you will not find is a brushed or burnished finish on any of the faucets. As I mentioned in my last post, I have crow-like tendencies and will fly towards anything that is shiny or reflective. I was the child that put her pennies in vinegar … every single time I got a penny, which if you aren’t familiar with this, it shines those pennies up like nobody’s business!

Please, please forgive my formatting!! I have spent the past 2 days trying to get this out and I have done nothing different from prior posts and have done everything to try to clean this up, but I’ve had a hard time getting it to look good! Then my pictures inexplicably turn to the small blue box with the question mark!?!?! Wha-wha-what!!!! When dealing with a lot of pictures, this is the last thing you want to see (because I like to see/ponder/comment/ on them)!

Well, enough about that! (Drum roll) Here’s the first of at least 2 batches 🙂

Sigh, there are so many things about this bathroom I love, I don’t know where to start. It makes me what to take a sledge-hammer to all my bathrooms and start from scratch. The tile work is GORGEOUS and understated. The sink may not be practical for everyone, unless you have a linen closet or some storage or a cupboard (even in the bathroom). But hanging pictures and the silver frames, I just adore in bathrooms. Why not?

I’m leaning towards luxurious, ornate and fanciful, but I do progress to others!! I mentioned I liked reflective, and that is what caught my eye like a moth to the flame here, but what is so upscale about the bathroom is the marble going up the wall in large sheets.
Using things that are not meant for its intended purpose (in this case room) is something that adds interest. Let’s face it, bathroom mirrors are boring, so why not spend a little more and get something that has an impact.

A wardrobe in the bathroom. Note the beautiful marble detail behind the sinks…

I like the sink, but with so much going on with the wall paper, I think a simpler mirror might be a better option and more elegant (or lose the wall paper).

I’ve never seen tile like this!

I love the tile floor with the pseudo mat.

A close up of the tile border from the two previous pictures…

A fanciful tile border. I’ve also seen it where words are made out of small tiles.

Awful picture, but the point of it is using furniture for a sink and having the bathroom look more like appointed and furnished.

Not black and white, but I like the top tile detail used on a diagonal throughout.

I love the hammered pewter sink, but the mirror seems out of scale in the space…

The floor tile is taken up about a foot onto the wall, which is ingenious. Love the use of drapery as it fits in with treating the bathroom like you would any other room. But I would lose the lamp on the counter.

I like the treatment on the cabinet faces with the contrasting colors.

Mixing traditional (chandelier, mirror) and modern (linear lines of sink and tub).

Just pretend the vanity and the mirror frame was black 🙂 It might be nice to have the mirror frame over the vanity be black as well. (I kind of think it was a misstep to have it white – sorry HouseBeautiful!).

LOVE the frames of the artwork and the shower curtain really pops – I never get tired of polka dots! Accessories can really make a bathroom. For a black and white theme, grey on the walls can be an option.

A pale whisper of a third color on the walls. Love doors (and trim) painted black. Note tile work and framed art.I will be following up with a second post with MORE pictures and some tips on bathrooms, but I wanted because of the number of pictures, my inability to format SO many pictures with words in a timely manner, I thought I would post half now and half later!I hope others can benefit as well from this post. I figure if one is asking then more want it as well! I am off to play with my little ones 🙂