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It is my belief that every inch of a house should feel the love and it is because of this belief that I paint the insides of my closets. Now, it may take me years for these closets to get my affection, but I eventually get around to them!

This is the case with my kitchen pantry. I did paint it, several times, but it needed a new light fixture, beyond the generic one that had been slapped up on the ceiling to pass inspection…11 years ago!

It hasn’t been for a lack of looking; I have off and on through the years, but have never found something that would sufficiently match the chandeliers I already had in the kitchen and since there is a window in our pantry (and the children have claimed it as their “office” and is large enough to store their toys), the door is open a lot.

Well, I finally found it! And I wanted to share because it is a bargain and there is nothing that I love more than a bargain! It is brass, which is contrary to today’s trend towards chrome, but I’m not redoing all my light fixtures to follow a trend!

I got in on Overstock.com for $39.50 with $1 shipping 😀

When shopping, I always read the reviews, which this product had 2 totaling 3.5 stars out of 5. The first reviewer gave it 4 stars because he had to take a rod out to make it work. I have high ceilings, so not an issue for me.

The second review was completely off. She gave it 3 stars because she didn’t realize how “shiny” it is. The first word in the title of the product is “Polished”. Polished brass =shiny, burnished brass = not shiny. I had to pick out every single light fixture for our house, so I learned every term imaginable. So that review for me wasn’t applicable because my fixtures were shiny. I like shiny. No, in fact, I love shiny. I must be part crow, because I gravitate towards anything reflective/shiny and think they make a drab room pop!

Anyway, I am working on a post about white and black bathrooms that I hope to have finished soon. I have all the pictures, but am soooo slow and have the worst time getting the pictures formatted and posted!!

I hope everyone is having a great day 🙂