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I don’t know about you, but when my house was built, it was still very stark. The walls were white, the crown molding almost non-existent and my kitchen, although I picked out the details, wasn’t finished to my satisfaction. My reason was that my builder was so bad (he refused to fix any nail pops if that tells you any thing) and tried to gouge us on the prices so severely, that we figured we’d pay someone else to come in later and do it.

That’s when I started to research. And I was amazed at the selection (overwhelming) and the prices (some dirt cheap, some exorbitantly expensive). About this time, I also discovered HGTV. Wow! It looked easy enough. Well, that’s what I told my husband anyway.


Mind you, we had never done any thing before and I mean anything. I had never even painted a wall before! That’s a steep learning curve, but armed with my knowledge from HGTV and a personal interest in making it happened, I made a list of priorities of what I wanted to tackle in our house….